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CEU Websites

CEU’s are Continuing Education Credits.  As a Certified Peer Specialist you will need to maintain 15 hours of CEU’s a year or 30 CEU’s in 2 years to ensure your certification is up to date.  It is your responsibility to keep copies of all of your CEU documentation that you should receive at the end of each educational event.  Below is the link to learn more about State of MN training opportunities.                                                                                           

Train Link with MN DHS

CEU’s And Conferences

Each link below will take you to a website offering CEU’S

We will announce more opportunities for CEU’s as we gain information.   If you know of upcoming CEU trainings for Certified Peer Specialists in Minnesota please email them to [email protected]

Helpful Links for Mental Health Resources:

Please note the views and opinions expressed in the websites below are not those of Peers link to hope and are owned by each individual organization.

DHS Website

Kiesler Wellness Center

Northland Counseling Center

Recovery Innovations International

Northern Pines Mental Health Center

Wellness In The Woods

National Alliance For Mental Illness

Minnesota Substance Abuse Resources

Mental Health Awareness for Teens

White Sands Treatment

Differences Between Stimulants vs Depressants

Psychology Education Resource Guide

Mental Health MN

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Institutes of Mental Health

Recall Report

The Recovery Village

How addiction affects sleep

American Addiction Centers

Fiscal Tiger – Mental Health and Addiction Resources

Mindful Continuing Education – Free CEUs

Arrow Passage Recovery – Fast Facts About Mental Illness

Gut-Brain Connection Guide – How Diet And Mental Health Are Linked

Abbeycare Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Monitoring for Prescription Drug Abuse, Misdiagnoses and Overmedication

60 Digital Resources for Addressing Substance Use Disorders, Addiction and Recovery

The Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol