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As of January 15, 2022 Peers Link to Hope  will no longer be accepting applications for the mental health certified peer training.  All applications currently on file are being forwarded to DHS . All questions can be sent to [email protected]

Many of these questions are from the perspective of a provider agency.

How do you know that a person is far enough along in his/her/their recovery to take on the role to be a CPS?

You don’t. Ask them. Hiring any new staff member is a risk for any position. The CPS brings their life experience as their credentials, so talk about their experiences and their vocational skills that would make them a good employee with your organization.  

Does a CPS have the same access to confidential records as the rest of the team?

In most cases, yes.  They will need access to the records of the peers that they would be working alongside.

What if a person can’t come to work due to MI symptoms?

What would you do if someone couldn’t come to work due to having flu-like symptoms? Symptoms of an illness (whether mental or physical) may mean a person may need to take a day off, go see a doctor, etc.

What if the rest of the mental health team isn’t comfortable with adding CPS to the team?

Then ask them why? A great opportunity to have an open conversation about recovery-focused services and peer integration.

What if the potential CPS is currently receiving MH services at the same organization?

Great! Means a person is taking care of self. Make adjustments as needed to work around services.

Does adding Certified Peer Specialists to the team threaten the job security of other positions (ie ARMHS)?

No…Why would it?  It only enhances the team.

Maybe we should hire one CPS to see how it goes first…?

Then prepare to put the entire pressure of success on 1 person. Yikes! A team approach often works better with more than one person. We strongly encourage an organization to consider hiring more than 1 person when it comes to implementing the CPS program into your organization.

Can I talk to an employee Certified Peer Specialist about their job experiences to gain a better understanding of the having a CPS on my team? Or about the training experience for becoming a CPS?

Yes! That’s why we are here! Please contact the peers link to hope office at

Office Phone 218-999-4012
Fax: 218-999-4041
Email: [email protected]